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Why you must Nominate?

It is extremely important that you nominate a person(s) to receive your TNPF savings, should you die before fully withdrawing. If you do not file a nomination, your savings would be directed to the High Court, who would determine those who will receive this. It may not be the person(s) that you would have willed to receive your savings. So, to ensure that the right person(s) gets your savings, nominate them today!

How do I nominate?

Once you register as a TNPF member, you will receive a nomination form. This form must be fully completed and returned to the TNPF with all required documents. The form must be witnessed by another person. It is important to note that the witness cannot be your nominee.

Complete the Nomination Form, you need to:
  1. Write name(s) of your nominee(s) 
  2. State the nominee(s) address and ensure that this is accurate should TNPF need to contact your nominee(s). Inform TNPF if there is any changes to this address.
  3. If you have nominated more than one person, then you must allocate the shares equal to 100%. 
  4. Indicate the relationship you have with each nominee(s). (eg. father, son,..)
  5. Record the date of birth of your nominee(s)
  6. Sign the form infront of a witness and have the witness sign the form. Again, this witness cannot be a nominee.
  7. Ensure that birth certificates of all nominees, and yours, are submitted with the completed form.

How many can I nominate?

You can nominate as many people ie. your loved ones as you want as long as the allocated percentage totalled up to 100%.

Who can you nominate?

You can nominate anyone except your employer. Your employer can only be nominated if he or she is a relative.

When do you change your nominee(s)?

You can change your nominee when:


  1. If you get married or re-marry
  2. If any of your nominees die
  3. If you want to change your nominees

To make changes to your nominees, complete the Change of Nomination Form.

How are your TNPF savings paid to your nominees?

If you have more than one nominee, your savings will be paid out according to the percentage entitlement allocated by you to each of them.
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