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Voluntary Members

Why become a Voluntary Member?

 To have a comfortable, secure—and fun—retirement, you need to build the financial cushion that will fund it all. Tuvalu National Provident Fund is your financial way forward.

Someday, we will all grow old and may need more financial resources than ever. Therefore, it would be great to start saving now for those days. 

Investing puts your money to work for you and usually gives you the benefits. The earlier you start, the more it will grow.

Who can become a Voluntary Member?

Any person who is: 
  • unemployed
  • a Domestic Servant
  • Not a Tuvaluan Citizen
  • have withdrawal all your contributions and have opted not to re-join TNPF

How can I sign up to become a Voluntary Member?

You are required to fill in the Member's Registration and Nomination Form

Submit all completed forms to the fund and a Unique Registration number will be generated for you. 

When to pay Contributions?

You must make voluntary contributions on a monthly basis and the amount of contribution made must not be less than $20.00.

How are my Contributions determined?

Your contributions received by TNPF will be deposited into two accounts: Member Contributions Account and MEDU Account. Hence, 76.92%  will be deposited into the respective members Retirement Account while 23.08% will be deposited into the respective members MEDU account

Do I earn interest on the contributions that are paid to TNPF?

Yes, all contributions paid to TNPF will be invested wisely to earn an interest. 


Every year, the TNPF Board will meet to assess the level of profits earned by the Fund and will declare an interest rate that will be credited to all members accounts as dividend rate for the year.

Membership Card

At your first registration you are liable to get an Identification Card (ID) free of charge. This card can be used to access...

Keep your card in a safe place as it is a primary source of identification when requiring TNPF services and when you change employment.


Requesting for a new ID Card will cost you AUD$20.

We provide a secure future for our members and their dependents.


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